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Cafe Del Soul

West Eats Meat*
By Afzal Moolla -- Contributing Poet -- [Email This Item]

slicing the sky,
a Predator on the prowl.

through human eyes,
miles away at HQ.

Picking up the signs
fresh meat on the ground,

scanning heat signatures,
confirmation reaches the bird,

sixteen high-value targets,
on the move,
in the cool desert night.

An order is given,
the Predator banks left,
steadies itself,
while sharpening its claws.

With a whoosh,
the Predator belches,
its payload strikes the HVT's.

"Target destroyed",

a cheer goes up,
miles away at HQ.

The smoke clears,
silence returns,


5 men,
4 women,
7 children,

stir no more,
late for the feast,

as the bride lies cold,
and dead,
on the dunes.

"mission accomplished".

*with thanks to Pandit Ravi Shankar's extraordinary composition "West eats Meat".

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