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Cafe Del Soul

All I Ask
By Sarah E Alderman -- Contributing Poet -- [Email This Item]

All I ask
All I will ever ask
Is to lose myself in the words that are written
In the poet, the writer whose world is so strong
I can feel their presence
Their hands on my face or thighs
I do not want to know about how you
Perceive the falling snow or rain
Instead tell me about your meth addiction
How your skin crawls and your mind screams
Tell me about your attempted suicide
How you felt that everyone worth loving has left
Or turned on you
Tell me about the impact of hitting rock bottom
I am reading
I am here listening
Hanging on your every word
Tell me about your isolation
Your absolute solitude
Your overwhelming loneliness
I am just on the other side of the screen
Hiding behind the next page
Peeking in like a voyeur through the cracks
Of the binding and viral net
Wanting only you inside me
Filling my mind, my very soul
With the magnitude, the weight
Of what you have to say

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