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The FarceHaven Tribune

Marines Serving in Afghanistan Ordered To Cease "Farting" Near Afghans
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

In another of our "sadly too true to be false" segments . . .  The Farcehaven learned today the US Marines who are bravely fighting in Afghanistan have been ordered to cease farting in the presence of Afghans who find it to be highly offensive. The story was posted in an article in the online Military Times written by Ms Gina Cavallaro.

Now disagree with me if you must . . . but REALLY . . . no I mean REALLY??? These people who don't even use toilet paper . . .  our men and women are over there dying and THIS is the issue of the day?

And who in charge for heaven's sakes has the time or the screwed up priorities to come up with this!

Perhaps we should order our guys to use camel piss as aftershave so the friggen Afghans feel warm fuzzies when in the presence our brave infidels.

I guess those who lead this once proud nation are not satisfied to have brought her to her knees . . . now they need to F**k up the greatest fighting force in the world!

I say to the brave men and women fighting anywhere in the world, fart on soldier, and make them gag!

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