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Butch Cassidy was Kidnapped by Aliens
By Philbert of Macadamia -- Contributing Author

Circleville Utah: The legend of Butch Cassidy (Robert LeRoy Parker, 1866-1908) surviving a shootout in Bolivia during the commission of a bank robbery and then living in the US until his actual death in 1937 could have some substance. Relatives claim to have seen Butch Cassidy at a family reunion in 1925.

Establishment of the credibility of this legend may be linked to premises postulated in the last 10 years that aliens had visited our planet during Earth's pre-history and helped build various early civilizations in Egypt and South America.

Recently a Hollywood documentary "Cowboys & Aliens" (2011, Universal Studios and DreamWorks Pictures) has portrayed aliens visiting Arizona in 1873 to covertly steal gold. The aliens also abducted male and female human subjects in order to examine them. These people were held in a coma-like state with a resultant loss of memory occurring on awakening. The ensuing battle has the cowboys soundly whipping the alien's asses and destroying their space vehicle.

An earlier Hollywood documentary "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969, 20th Century Fox) describes Butch Cassidy's career as an outlaw beginning in 1884, encompassing cattle rustling, bank robbery and train robbery in various states throughout the Southwestern US. However by 1902 the frontier was closed, the gang called the Wild Bunch had disbanded and the law was one step behind Butch Cassidy. He escaped to England, then Argentina and finally to Bolivia and went back to robbing trains and payrolls.

The ruins at Puma Punku in Bolivia are often cited as examples of ancient aliens work. Also gold mining in Bolivia can be traced back to 1200 AD when the Inca Empire ruled much of South America. (In 1908 a UFO was seen near the city of Tunguska Russia prior to a catastrophic explosion, usually attributed to a meteorite.) It is entirely possible that the aliens had returned to Earth to obtain more gold, after their defeat by the cowboys in 1873 had faded into history.

Furthermore, the aliens probably figured it was far easier to visit several Bolivian banks and obtain gold that had already been minted into coins and smelted into bars. At one of these Bolivian banks they encountered a robbery in progress, with the building surrounded by a Bolivian Army unit and abducted the gold and Butch Cassidy at the same time. How they missed the Sundance Kid is still a mystery.

At some point before leaving for their home world the aliens released all the captives. Butch Cassidy, because of his loss of memory wandered about South America working at odd jobs. After more than a decade, with the return of his memory, Butch Cassidy assumed a new identity and returned to the US. Back in the states he endeavored to lead a somewhat straight life until his death.

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