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The FarceHaven Tribune

Arizona Idiot Caught on Camera Stuffing "Baby Boa" Snakes into His Pants
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

CAN'T FIX STUPID DEPT: It's the gift that keeps on giving . . . stupid people doing really stupid stuff for stupid reasons . . .  Erick Feigle from Mesa Arizona was caught on camera August 24th stuffing baby Boa constrictor snakes into his pants at a local pet store.

According to Police, Feigle was caught on video stuffing 5 baby Boas into his pants and returning later to steal several more using the same technique which he later sold to another pet store in the area. In a kinda related story, a man flying into Miami from Brazil was caught with 7 snakes and 3 tortoises in his pants. Those creatures were discovered when he mis-snakenly . . . .sorry mistakenly pulled a small snake out of his trousers while he was attempting to take a pee.

Upon hearing of the incidents, Al Gore attributed these and other strange behaviors and stuff to man- made global warming .

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