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The FarceHaven Tribune

Detroit Lions Fans Lining Up At Ticket Counters To Buy Super Bowl Tickets
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

Starving for a Super Bowl, Detroit Lions fans are racing to ticket outlets throughout Detroit to order their tickets for the 2011 NFL Super Bowl game to be played in Ironwood Michigan in Feb 2012.

According to a "Ticketmaster" Spokesman, his company has already sold over 13 advanced tickets even though the season has just begun with Detroit beating Tampa Bay in its first 2012 outing. 27 year old Barry Bleacher told us in a nonexistent interview . . .  "I haven't seen this much excitement since 1957 (Detroit's last NFL Championship.) People are going nuts with one guy saying he'll head to Ironwood next week to "Wait out the season . . .  I mean is that goofy or what?"

The FarceHaven will continue to follow the Lions as they climb to the top or sink to the bottom of their division!

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