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Obama to Release Evidence Showing Bush/Cheney Engineered Hurricanes
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

Rumors suggest President Obama is gathering evidence to prove that the Hurricane that hit the East coast was actually engineered 4 years ago by President Bush and VP Dick Cheney.

Although details of the pending report are sketchy, unnamed sources say the white house ordered the launch of a sophisticated satellite exactly 4 years ago to the day- programmed to cause the hurricane to develop and head towards the East Coast.

Reportedly the secret project code named "secret project" was originally supposed to occur in 2010 however, then President Bush continually had problems with the word "sophisticated" when attempting to issue the secret order which delayed launching of the satellite.

Obama is reportedly gathering information suggesting Bush was responsible for the Bears losing to the Packers in the NFC Title game and claims Cheney had a hand in causing the melt down of the nuclear reactors in Fukushima Japan . . .  Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney acknowledged the pending releases and added "the President will continue to expose the real cause of America's problems as we find evidence on the internet to support our charges."

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