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The FarceHaven Tribune

George Washington's "Powdered Wig" sold at Flea Market in MI for $6.00
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

Patrons at Randy's Irish Pub in Pine Lake Wisconsin told the FarceHaven that Owner Randy Hazelton was dancing around the bar yelling "I'm GW . . . I'm GW" while wearing what he believed to be the authentic powdered wig owned by America's first President. "It was pathetic" said regular Mike Bettinger . . . I told the damned fool there was a made in China tag inside the wig . . . but he's convinced it's the real McCoy, damned fool!"

Hazelton claims he bought the wig at a flea market in Bessemer Michigan last week, "Look that little flea guy fellar said it was real and I believe him . . . so there!" A defiant Hazelton told our investigative reporter.

Hazelton said he is planning on selling the wig to the first person who lays down $10,000 . . . or best offer.

Hazelton's fiancÚ Debby told us "It's just a phase, he acted like this when he found fools gold in South Dakota . . .  his mind wanders a bit when he gets excited but he doesn't hurt anyone just humor him OK?"

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