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Visit by Leprechauns Results in McNaughton Pub Offering 1oz. Burgers!
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

What a deal . . . a cheeseburger for only a quarter, well that may soon happen if Larry Colvin from the McNaughton Pub ever gets his supply of itsy-bitsy buns from his distributor.

The "Larrinator" as he's affectionately called by regular patrons, came up with the idea after a bus load of Leprechauns recently stopped by the bar on St Pattie's day. After receiving their order Larry noticed the little fellars were dividing the pound burger 4 ways so in his words "I got to thinkin about it and figgered . . .  HEY . . .  why not offer little bitty burgers with little bitty buns and a 4oz beer?"

Larry went on to say he was gonna call the little burgers "White Castle" but Tammy (his honey) said "That name will never catch on" so Larry suggested "how about callin them sliders" Tammy thought that name was gross so they settled on the name "Itsy-Bitsies" which they plan on offering with two french fries and a 4 oz beer or soda for only fiddy (50 cents)

When Larry was told the small burgers already exist he reportedly shouted "I'll sue those Bastards!" This is Colvin's second disappointment in the world of marketing . . .  in 1985 Larry reportedly tried to market a Pinto automobile, when he was told it had been a disaster and was already off the market . . .  , Colvin was overheard saying to himself . . .  "Ok darnit . . .  maybe I'll call it the Edsel or sumpin!"

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