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Democrat Louis Magazzu Joins "Bare Me Naked" Politician Online Club
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

NEWS ALERT- Now from the "Are you kidding me file" YET ANOTHER "Public Servant" has had his naked pictures shown on the internet. Democrat Louis Magazzu from New Jersey has proudly become a member in good standing of the "Bare me naked politician online photo club."

Magazzu (no relation to Mr. Magoo) who is a Cumberland County Freeloader . . .  oops that's Freeholder had his pictures listed on a Republican Website and to his credit resigned a day after they were posted.

Magazzu, joins a long and growing list of publicly elected Geniuses from the Democratic party who apparently just can't keep their cloths on . . .  My . . . my how they must admire themselves . . .  how special.

Now, Republicans can take the high road on this growing national scandal because they haven't had to deal with any of these "indiscretions." OOPS, I was just told by the mouse in my pocket that I'm wrong.

Let's see there was . . .  Republican Christopher Lee . . .  and Scott Brown who did his spread in the popular Cosmopolitan Magazine, and I know I'm letting others off the hook but after all this is only a 2 page rag.

Maybe . . . just maybe our elected officials could actually get something accomplished for the obscene compensation they receive in pay and benefits- IF they would drop their dreams of being a male stripper!

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