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Cafe Del Soul

Love Poem
By Marc Carver -- Contributing Poet -- [Email This Item]

I am not a good writer because if I was
I would be able to say the things to you
Which I really want to.

So now you see I am not good enough
because if I was
I could write into eternity about how wonderful you are
and use all those adjectives
and metaphors and similes
and create new verbs about my emotion for you.

Synonyms and antonyms,
verbs about making new words.
so now you see my language is not enough
not with all the rules of grammar and limits to language
so I must find a new way to do it.

Words like beautiful and wonderful are not enough for you.
Words like splendor and love are not enough.
Where can I go to find these words
only in my soul and heart.
these are the words I want to use.

and maybe
you can see them now

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