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Small Oklahoma Town Overwhelmingly Votes to Return to 1961 . . .  981 to 4
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

In a scene reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, a small town in central Oklahoma voted last week to return to the year and lifestyle of 1961. Spindelton Oklahoma, population 985 voted to reform their lives, incomes, values and lifestyles to the exact replica of what they were in 1961.

Mayor Walter Bean announced the outcome of a special town referendum voted on November 2nd. 2010 which read

"I hereby lend my support or my opposition to the referendum returning the town of Spindelton Oklahoma to 1961. With this mark I vote ___Yea ___Nea"

Bean smiled as he read the results 981 for, and only 4 against. Under the new ordinance, all citizens will dress in clothing, earn in pay, live in houses, and drive vehicles available prior to January 1962. All food, electricity and other goods and services will be priced at rates equal to that time. TV Shows available in Spindelton will be limited to Gunsmoke, My Three Sons, Andy Griffith Show, Ed Sullivan, Bonanza and a few others that ran during that period.

Visitors to the town will be required to pay a 50% curiosity tax on all goods and services purchased and all cameras, cell phones, I-pads, E-pads, F&G pads will be strictly prohibited from being used in town.

Critics of the movement say they will fight in court to reverse the outcome of the election; however they will be facing Perry Mason who is a passionate supporter of the town and well known for his successes.

President Obama weighed in on the subject yesterday while vacationing in Hawaii by asking, "Who's Perry Mason?"

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