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The FarceHaven Tribune

Muammar Gaddafi Volunteers to Take Over Bin Laden's Spot at Al-Qaeda
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

Saying he's "ready to pitch my tent someplace new" Libya's Muammar Gaddafi said today he will leave for Bora Bora today if the world will let him take over Bin Laden's position of Al-Qaeda Lord and Head Custodian.

Muammar also said he has sent a friendly cable to President Obama suggesting the two meet over a beer at the White House to discuss the deal . . . "I will give President Obama my word that I will not attack the USA if they do the deal . . .  and Oh Ya I want a new Corvette and Mustang GT thrown in on the deal too!"

As Gaddafi got up to leave a nervous aid whispered in his ear . . . ""My great One . . . the place is the barren mountain caves of Tora Bora . . .  not the islands offering such beautiful pleasures as Bora Bora . . . sorry."

Gaddafi quickly proceeded to have the aid shot and then had his Communication Minister stop the cable to President Obama and tell the state run newspaper "The General was only making a funny . . .  ha, ha but he still would like the Corvette or Mustang if he could have one or the other!"

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