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The FarceHaven Tribune

Somalia Offers 500 Billion Dollar Aid Package to Help Reduce U.S. Debt.
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

President Obama thanked the filthy dirt poor country of Somalia today for offering to help him tackle the huge 14 Trillion Dollar (and growing) debt problem confronting the USA.

In a statement released though his exciting newly assigned Press Secretary Jay Carney Obama said "I want to personally thank the people of Somalia for their offer of aid . . . it shows how successful I have been in mending fences with those countries who really did not like George Bush at all, My God I am good . . .  and yes we will hold the check until 2085 at which time it will be cashed and spent on my pet programs . . .  or my daughters favorite stuff . . .  assuming she'll still hold this office by then."

The per/capita income in Somalia is about $600 per year which is about equal to the projected 2013 income of Americans should Obama win in 2012.

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