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The FarceHaven Tribune

President Obama Says "There are no hostilities taking place in Libya!"
By Don Myers -- Contributing Author

It was that "Circus Guy" PT Barnum that said "There's a Sucker born every minute" . . .  And this writer can't help believing that when you listen to the geniuses that defend Obama's comments last week in defense of his defiance of Congress's War's Power Laws.

Of course when he said on the campaign trail that he had visited almost all of the 57 states, THAT went over a lot of heads too. Now yes I know all Presidents and politicians have their share of  . . . ah gaffs . . . hell V.P. Biden makes it part of his daily routine and GW took a strange pride in his volumes of verbal train wrecks, but it truly is getting out of hand with this guy! He is nothing without his teleprompter . . . which may explain why he used it to address 5th. graders for God's sakes . . . oops can I say that?

What scares me is his reaching the obvious conclusion that most of the American people will believe anything he says to be gospel . . .  and by golly I guess something like 43% does . . . are we brain dead or have we just decided to give "Carte Blanche" to someone who is!

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