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Cafe Del Soul

By Marc Carver -- Contributing Poet -- [Email This Item]

I picked up some red apples
then a woman came towards me in the potatoes aisle.
I could not take my eyes off of her.
She walked past me
but I kept looking at her.
Then I saw her again near the mushrooms.
She would not look at me
but she must have felt my eyes.
Eventually I came to my senses
and moved to another aisle.
I even went to another part of the shop
but before long
I had to return
to find her.

There she was again
as beautiful as ever
close to the ready meals.
I think that she started to worry about me
so I left.
Another woman smiled at me close to the bread section
but she was not as beautiful as the potato woman.

She began to follow me
up towards the cakes
but I was going back to find the woman of my dreams.
For a second
I considered telling her
that I could look at her all day.
You are the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen
I could have told her.

I went back to try and find her but could not.
The other woman followed me to the check out
and as I left she was right behind me.
But I was looking for her.

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