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The FarceHaven Tribune

An American Political Ghost Story
By Philbert of Macadamia -- Contributing Author

Once every year at midnight in Philadelphia PA an old wives tale relates that a number of distinguished gentlemen gather at the American Eagle Ale House to discuss politics and consume tankards of ale.

This 4th of July 2009 was no exception as the heavenly ghosts of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and Ben Franklin were assembled at a corner table. "Where's that rascal Tom Payne tonight" asked George. "He's in some far off place called Iran, doing his thing" retorted Ben.

"They are mucking up our grand experiment" suggested John. Tom replied, "yes but look how far they have come relative to this slavery issue." James sighed, saying there has been so much progress we do not understand, as they have even walked on the moon."

Wise old Ben asked James "if he also meant those two very tax heavy legislative packages currently being fought over in Congress by Republicans, Democrats, Blue Dogs, Liberals and Conservatives?"

Tom said "of course he does, that is a point I tried to make many years ago when you guys wouldn't go for a balance budget or line item veto clause when we were writing the US Constitution."

As the sun began to rise George said "we have to leave now, but all of us need to work towards restoring a political balance in our nation's politics via the 2010 elections." "Gridlock is good, should be scrawled everywhere" interjected John!

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