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Cafe Del Soul

To Keep Their Nuts Dry
By Andrew Kinsey -- Contributing Poet -- [Email This Item]

I never cared or was aware that you would take it as anything but a indifferent ride
Selfish feelings blocked any amount of remorse or empathy that was left inside
For a long time I will be gone; for a long time we will not talk
For a long time you will hate me; for a long time you will sulk
The worst thing is that I wasn't ready to say goodbye, but knew it wasn't fair
I told you, "there are a thousand things I would have done differently," but you didn't care
It's not you; I've never been able to take these steps, maybe someday
A secret oath to myself; one day I will find a way to make my words actually say
How I feel, what I want, and why I act the way I do
I'd search every inch of the city if it meant that I'd have what everyone else seems to
A sense of security, self preservation, and simple handicaps
The truth is that I never thought we would last longer that the routine laps
I was wrong, but that's never been, and still isn't, a surprise

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