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The FarceHaven Tribune

Political "Knife and Fork School" to Open this Fall
By Philbert of Macadamia -- Contributing Author

Washington DC: The Huey Long School of Political Couth (HLSPC) announced that a curriculum of nonpartisan short training courses is to be given in the fall of 2009. A potential hurdle is finding eminently qualified instructors to affiliate with specific courses and politicians.

Invited attendees for the first class include: President Barack Obama; VP Joe Biden; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; Senator Chris Dodd; Senator Barbara Boxer; Senator John Ensign and Governor Mark Sanford; Representative Barney Frank; Representative John Murtha and Governor Sarah Palin.

The initial course lineup includes: Health care and No New Middle Class Taxes; Quiet Diplomacy; Spinning a Story vice Outright Lying; Good Decision Making vice the Last Person talked with; Tax and Spend Behavior Modification; Military Etiquette, including when to use Sir and Ma'am; Plausible Infidelity Cover Ups; Kitchen Table Economics for Dummies; Surviving Without Earmarks and How Not to be a Political Quitter.

HLSPC anticipates, if the first semester graduating class achieves success, there will be over 600 new congressional and gubernatorial applicants for an expanded curriculum of courses in 2010.

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