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Cafe Del Soul

She Puts On Her Glasses Not To See, But To Be Seen
By Andrew Kinsey -- Contributing Poet -- [Email This Item]

The makeup on her face isn't to make her feel pretty
Her highlighted hair gets in her face too much, but she won't cut it
The glitter on her cheeks isn't something that she wants to look at in the mirror
Her lips aren't normally that pink
The dress she wears isn't suppose to keep her warm, it may as well be transparent
Her green eyes glow through her contacts, not frames
The heels she slips on aren't designed for comfort
Her legs are baby smooth, but it takes work
The leather purse she carries doesn't hold everything she needs
Her dimple isn't attractive to her, that's not the point

Days of stress and embarrassment
Has nobody at home that cares when she wants to vent
Popularity isn't something that comes in a day
It's something that wants to see you decay
Laying in her bed, pink pillows and matching sheets
Twisting back and forth between where fragility and her outer shell meets
She cries, not to be heard, but to survive

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