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Cafe Del Soul

I Wait . . .
By Pali Tripathi -- Contributing Poet -- [Email This Item]

On the blades of grass
By the river Ganges
Some sand in my hand
And some in my gaze.

I hear chants,
As the dawn breaks.
Saffron robes discarded,
Bodies washed in water.

The morning moon remains
Stubborn silent soothing
Refusing to leave
And surrender before the sun

The air smells pungent
With flowers and incense
It remains quiet for a while,
Then humming walks away

The day crawls through my hair,
Touches my hand
Slips through my body
And falls at my feet

I awake with a start
Trying to feel your presence
Of course you did not come
I was awake all night

But may be you came
And quietly left
May be I slept and lost you
And so tonight I shall come again.

I wipe the sand
From my hair and skirt
My bangles jingle
As two bare feet stop nearby

With hope I look up
To see a hermit
"Anarth"he mumbles
And turns away.

Now I know
You will never come
That you never meant to
But look at me, I still wait

Reaching home, stares question me
In a stupor I murmur
"Leave me alone just for today
For, tonight I shall neither wait nor survive"

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